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      • Chinese New Year January 31, 2014 Year of the Wood Horse

        For Chinese New Year, Wear some new clothes, wish wonderful things to your friends and family, have a feast.  Decorate your home and office with a fresh bouquet made by Angel at Chrysanthemum. Have a sweet taste in your mouth from Ken's Organic Chocolate Bark or Truffles.  Attend one of...

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      • Artisanal Chocolates!

        Chocolate Truffles or Organic Chocolate Bark handmade in small batches by our Chinese Tea Master, Ken Lo, using no refined sugars or processed ingredients, only: Organic Roasted Ground Cacao, Jaggery Cane, Raw Hudson Valley Honey, Pure Cream and Butter. Low carb, high protein, antioxidant rich guilt free treats!  Varieties inspired...

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      • Mother's Day is this Sunday!

        Mother's Day is just a few days away and we have you covered with fresh cut flowers, ready-made bouquets, houseplants, handmade chocolates, and teas that are sure to delight your mother or grandmother.   Handmade chocolates are available in boxes of 9 or 12. Our chocolates come in exotic and...

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      • Valentine's Day 2014

        Angel has been shopping Upstate and in the City for colorful flowers and interesting botanical sprays to make special Valentine Arrangements with or without Roses.  Place your orders now for Angel's custom made, one of a kind, Valentine's Floral bouquets. Our Tea Master Ken Lo is Making Chocolate Truffles by...

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